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Quantitative asset management 2.0

LEHNER INVESTMENTS offers innovative quantitative asset management based on a unique combination of data, experience and modern technology. Several hundred thousands of relevant news, articles, research as well as user generated content like blogs and tweets are analysed per day in real-time 24/7 via natural language processing and transferred into unique predictive trading signals.

The analysis is based on more than 45,000 securities in 7 locations globally. We employ a new type of Big Data powered A.I. approach, which uses the combined opinion of millions, sentiments and historical price movements to provide predictions. The whole process from crawling data to trading execution is fully automated, a portfolio manager only confirms each order with one final click.

Quantitative Asset Management

Professional and fully automated quantitative asset management based on Big Data analysis and A.I. algorithms

You can participate from our innovative trading strategy through our Data Intelligence Fund

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Technology Leader

Revolutionary asset management based on a unique combination of data and experience

Data Center / Big Data

Innovative approach

The data for our innovative trading strategies is generated through natural language processing in German, English and Chinese via individual crawling of a unique set of hundreds of sources from traditional content to user generated content on blogs, forums and social media to reflect “who says what to which security”.

More than 2 million messages from news, articles, research reports, blog posts, forum entries and tweets are collected per day while monitoring more than 45,000 securities in real-time. As an innovative German FinTech company we believe that unique access to alternative data sources in combination with artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the know-how how to use it will be the key competitive advantage in the quantitative asset management industry going forward.

Data collection from hundreds of internet sources ranging from traditional editorial content to user-generated content like blog, forum and social media posts (2+ million messages per day).
Natural language processing in 3 languages (German, English and Chinese) and weighting: “Who says what – to which commodity / security” while covering more than 45,000 securities in real-time.
Predictions based on machine learning from aggregated sentiment values plus historic security prices. The A.I. system is capable of changing its trading style and behavior in a systematic way.
Trading strategy and risk management system with no leverage and smart exposure management. Our focused trading is non-frequent and fully automated up to the final order confirmation.

Fully automated trading strategy

The Big Data and A.I. based investment approach transforms data in predictive trading signals. Our fully automated long / short equity strategy uses a unique combination of stock selection, market timing, smart exposure management and tailored risk management with the goal to generate above market returns.

While the whole process from data crawling to trading execution is fully automated, certain parameters are still predefined, such as the equity universe, maximum exposures, regulatory requirements, etc. The A.I. system is capable of changing its trading style and behavior in a systematic way. Once a trading signal is generated, a portfolio manager only confirms each order with one final click.

A.I. Trading / Artificial Intelligence


LEHNER INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT is a Frankfurt-based quantitative asset manager running a new type of investment strategy that invests based on independent trading signals generated from Big Data analysis, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms. The company was founded in August 2015 as Catana Capital GmbH and is licensed according to the German Banking Act.

The combination of millions of opinions and messages in combination with unique experience set in new technology leads to competitive advantage compared to traditional investment forms. LEHNER INVESTMENTS is a pioneer in new technology and asset management with an approach that can’t be replicated by other market participants due to years of data crawling, alternative datasets and know-how.

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LEHNER INVESTMENTS MANAGEMENT as innovative FinTech company has already received various awards

Golden Garage - FinTech Germany Award 2017
FERI Fund Innovations Award 2017
Deutscher Exzellenz Preis 2018
Alternative Investment Award 2017