Catana Capital’s overlay strategy with successful month in turbulent market phase

Strong performance in turbulent markets thanks to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Catana Capital's Overlay Strategy - 03/2020
Catana Capital’s Overlay Strategy – 03/2020

Frankfurt am Main, March 09, 2020: After Catana Capital successfully launched an overlay strategy for an existing fund in October 2019 and exceeding the EUR 100m AuM mark, the Frankfurt asset manager can now look back on a very positive month in an exceptionally turbulent market phase. While the German DAX index lost about five percent since start of the mandate in July 2019, the fund mandate with Catana’s overlay strategy was able to achieve a plus of +4.3%. The contribution of the overlay strategy was well over 50%. 

“February 2020, which was marked by the coronavirus, was an ideal situation for our Big Data based AI overlay strategy. Already in the first half of the month, when the market was still expecting a quick V-shaped recovery of the crisis like with the SARS virus in 2003 and was setting new highs, the model was able to correctly identify the threat and position the overlay strategy accordingly”, says Bastian Lechner, founder and CEO of Catana Capital.

Within the framework of the overlay strategies, various sub-models of Catana Capital are applied and implemented via DAX Future Short positions. In order to meet customer requirements as flexibly as possible, the hedge degree and the implementation details of the overlay strategies can be determined individually. Including the Data Intelligence Fund, Catana Capital now manages approximately EUR 125 million and continues to enjoy strong demand for innovative quantitative investment products based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

About Catana Capital

Catana Capital GmbH is a financial services institution licensed in accordance with § 32 KWG (German Banking Act) and headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The FinTech was founded in August 2015 and manages, among others, the Data Intelligence Fund, a mutual fund based entirely on Big Data and artificial intelligence. Catana Capital sees itself as a pioneer in the development of new approaches in asset management and offers innovative investment products for private investors & institutional clients.

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